Dreamers and Doers.

Painter  I was watching one of those “feel good” movies with my kids the other day.  You know the ones, where the underdog finally achieves their big dream at the end? Everyone finally accomplishes their goal after all the struggles, mockery, work, etc. they had to endure?  Those are the ones I call, “feel good”.  Who doesn’t like that, right?  I tell you, it’s a good thing no one that’s ever watched one of those movies with me has ever taken the time to look at me while that part of the story is happening.  Because I think they would laugh hysterically.  I generally have a big cheesy smile on my face and tears rolling down my eyes.

Yes, I’m a sucker for those kinds of movies.  And while watching that movie with my kids (which, ironically, was a cartoon), I actually took a second during my little moment to reflect on what exactly it was that I was so choked up about.  Was I really choked up about the win they achieved?  What aspect about the entire climax of the movie was really relevant to me?  And I finally realized, it was the passion with which people were accomplishing their goals that really inspired me.

See, as I was sitting there having my moment of introspection, I began to reflect on the fact that it is actually not the “win of the game” itself, or the vindication of the protagonist, or that the odds are, for once, in favor for the “losers”.  No, I really do love watching the passion, the drive, the force, the wherewithal, the energy (if you will), of the person who is accomplishing these things.  It’s not necessarily the end result that I like.  I enjoy watching the MEANS that justify the end.

Last year I went to a women’s conference and got to see an artist tell a Biblical story through his artwork.  His name is Mike Lewis.  He’s the guy pictured above.  He begins with what looks like a bunch of paint randomly slapped on a canvas, and little by little he’s forming a story line (as shown above), as the pre-recorded story is being told over the speakers.  At the end of the story, his randomly slapped paint turns into his final masterpiece (below).  And it is beautiful.  And I find the talent absolutely amazing.  But what I found fascinating during that entire artistic interpretation was the artist himself, watching his concentration and his deliberation.  His passion for his work is, to me, inspiring, exhilarating, encouraging….something I want to be around.  Something I seek out.


I find that there are many people who achieve their goals who are simply jerks in the process and even there after.  For example, you ever meet someone who was, say, considerably over weight and all of a sudden lost it all from working out?  Then they kind of start making fun of or insulting unhealthy or overweight people? Their deliberation is negative and condescending.  I am not a fan of that.  I think the key to all of this is, they also need to be positive in their work.  And maybe have a bit of humility or compassion from the experience of having failed previously.

The older I get, the more I find that it is important for me to be with encouraging people.  But most importantly, people who have that “zest” for life.  I am attracted to the dreamers but also the “doers” of those dreams.  I am not necessarily interested in whether or not they succeed, but I love, love, love being around their motivation.  Whether that is someone who loves to work out, or someone who loves to bake, their hard work, their ‘excellence’, is admirable. I think that I learn from that and therefore bring excellence into my life.  Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t say that I was someone who was perfect or excellent at everything I do.  No.  I said, I bring that excellence into my life.

My Puerto Rican grandfather always told me that no matter where I worked, no matter what the task was at hand, that putting your head down and working diligently would always result in success.  What I didn’t realize was that he wasn’t just talking about monetary success, but rather personal success in character, wisdom, and respect.  When I commit to do something, I do it as best as I possibly can.  And I think that when you are with other people, that kind of attitude can be contagious and great things can be accomplished.  And at the very least, you’ve helped encourage others.

“Do you see a man skilled in his work? He will stand before kings; He will not stand before obscure men.” ~~ Proverbs 22:29


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  1. Miranda
    Aug 05, 2013 @ 15:50:46

    This is nice. It brings tears to my eyes because, as you know, I am a sucker for those types of stories. The passion that people have to keep going despite their obstacles. The courage to speak something into existence with no idea if it will work or not and the knowing that ALL good comes from God and glory be to him. God has a way to humble thse who forget him in their success and a way to bless ubundantly those who remember him. That’s what I’ve been striving for recently, to be of better minds & to be more like the creator. Love you sis!


    • mistyfalcon
      Aug 05, 2013 @ 15:52:07

      I had you in mind when I wrote this, actually. We need to talk about it further later on. But know this, your excellence in the workplace will pay off. Keep your head down and work diligently. God will bless that. Love you.


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